Why am I washing disposable underwear?

Today I am doing the weirdest thing of the year. So weird that I feel compelled to write about it so that it will be immortalized into the weird things I do for my daughter. ┬áHere it is – I am washing DISPOSABLE UNDERWEAR. Her disposable underwear.

How did I come to this, you may ask.

We are going for a holiday. Yay!

We are going on a trekking holiday. Double Yay!

We are going to see the Himalayan mountains. Quad triple, Max triple Yay!

So… I thought – easier if I get everyone to wear disposable underwear – one less thing to wash and by the way, on the mountains – they charge for water – mostly warm or hot water but I am guessing that if you are going to be washing your clothes, you might just get directed to the village water spout. Okay – that was a joke, but you get the idea.

So I got disposable underwear for everyone – except – B’s tush is as delicate as a rose petal – she can’t even use the normal toilet paper without breaking into a rash so rather than risk her walking with a tush as red as a baboon’s backside, I decided to wash what I presume would be unwashed cloth of the disposable underwear.

So that’s how I ended up washing a load of disposable underwear.


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  1. That is funny! Have a great trip to the Himalayan! How long will you be there?

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