What’s a holiday?

I just got back from a holiday in Sabah. My second time there. When I came back, a friend asked me, “Didn’t you go there before?” “What is there to do?” The implication being – why would you go back to a place you have been before ?

Would I have gotten the same reaction if I had said – “Oh, I just went to New York, for the fifth time. ”

Are there places that you can go a few times and places you only visit once?

What’s a holiday suppose to be anyway?

A time to recharge? OR

Places you can tick off on your list of “Oh-I-have-been-there-list”? (This is what the tours agents do pander to  when they have these visit 5 countries in 8 days tours – why would anyone in their right mind sign up for something that leaves you more tired out than before you started???!!!!)

So I suppose it all begins with what you want out of a holiday. For me, I might have been to a place before but being there for a week would not mean I have seen everything. Even if I do the same things, there is some comfort in the familiarity of the place,  like checking out the same great eating places that you tried the last time.

It’s also about the company of a holiday. For me, bonding with family who live in different countries  is a holiday in itself.

It’s a strange thing about travel, the exhilaration of  exploring Borobudur is no less than a holiday traversing the museums of Washington DC or walking on the cobbled streets of Nottingham Hill.


“Wow, look at the grass stains on my skin. I say, if you knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life.”
Calvin and Hobbes

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