The Hungry Caterpillar

During our last visit to Penang, we went right smack during the durian season. Yummy yum yum… because Penang durians are a world apart from the usual durians you get from other places. The variety and intensity of the tastes are top notch.


We had the good fortune to stay at Asoka Durian Orchard Farmstay in Balik Pulau. It is situated on the hill with a beautiful view of the sea. After a rain shower, the mist ┬ácomes in to envelope the place, it was quite an experience… cool weather with durian trees!


And we had durians for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Of course, we paced ourselves… not too much, or else the body might just rebel and that would be the end of the whole day of feasting.


Obviously, with all the durians, there would be a couple with some worms (the worms always go for the best ones!) and I got my wish let B experience playing with the durian worm. No gender stereotype for her – who says girls can’t play with worms. I use to play with them when I was a child. For the squeamish, these worms are cleaner than a baby’s bottom… they come straight from the durian, haven’t seen the light of the day and they don’t bite.


For the record, the maroon coloured worm was cute and fat with 2 fake eyes on top. It feels slightly ticklish when it’s legs scurry on your hand but it fun to let it run on the “hand road” which never ends! Muah Ha! Ha!

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