Sincerely, Happy Teacher’s Day!

Before she started primary school, I never realised how competitive parents can be. Perhaps it was because I was lucky enough to be spared all that when she was in kindergarten.  I had heard about stories of how parents go over the top with their “little” gifts for the teachers but thank goodness we never really witness the full extend of it… until this year… and from what I hear… it’s a a malady that strike parents even in the far northern regions like Penang.

While I totally agree that it’s great that we honour and acknowledge the contributions of teacher, I think we should also include the other side of the equation – the student. It’s the student who should be doing the honouring.

In any case, this year, I asked B to think of something to give her teachers that would be useful. We brainstormed. Toss a few ideas and we came up with this: An apple (she opted for NZ apples), 2 peppermint tea bags and 1 caramel biscuit.

We went to SKP (the party shop) and got some paper bags and B got down to writing the thank you cards to paste onto the bag.

Diligently Writing

Diligently Writing


Itchy ...

Itchy …



Finishing touch!

Finishing touch!

Along the way, there were some typos… but that’s all part of the fun right?

" What did I write ??? " , she says :)

” What did I write ??? ” , she says :)





An hour later we had a bunch of pressies ready. No stress and I believe, no need for some ultra sophisticated present.  It should be about a 7 year old child, acknowledging her teachers efforts in teaching her and I am there to simply facilitate.

All Done!

All Done!


PS: You know what I think would be a great gift for the teacher that costs nothing but would be the world to the teacher? A voucher.

A voucher that says “Today, I will do EXACTLY what my teacher asks me to do.”

Now, can you imagine the tears of joy streaming down the teacher’s face the day it actually happens?

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