Scooter and Bike Accessories: Retro Bike and Scooter ribbon tassles

Bea loves to scooter but with the helmet on, there is no wind in the hair effect. I wanted to get her those tassels that dangle out from the handlebars but I couldn’t find anything like that among the scooter accessories shops in Singapore.  I went to the bike shops too but came up empty handed. There were some overseas online shops selling them but I didn’t like that method of putting them on as you have to literally punch a hole in the handlebar grip to push it in. It didn’t seem like rocket science to make it, but I discovered that you do need to do some trial and error to make it hang ever so nicely. After a few initial versions, I finally came up with a model I was happy with and could flutter nicely in the wind as Bea whizzes around in her scooter!

I think she loves it! Super girly coz it’s all sweet and pink! Meet Happy Swirls – English Rose design!



Hoppingly Happy

Hoppingly Happy


Ride Buddy Ribbon Swirls 2

Scooter Accessories: English Rose

Ride Buddy Ribbon Swirls 3

Loving her Happy Swirls!


Looking at how much she enjoyed it, I was inspired to create 2 more designs! Meet Crazy Lips! Because boys want to have fun too!


Happy  Swirls Crazy Lips

Scooter Accessories: Crazy Lips


And Happy Teddy!

RB82RSSTG Ribbon Swirls Summer Teddy CU

Scooter Accessories: Happy Teddy



Ride Buddy Ribbon Swirls 4

Scooter Accessories: Crazy Lips fluttering in the wind

I wonder if kids prefer scootering or cycling nowadays.  Which does your kid prefer – scootering or cycling?  And where is their favourite spots?


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