Royal Rae’s Philosophy

The philosophy of Royal Rae is reflected by the name itself. My daughter’s name is Rae and in Chinese it means wisdom. So this wisdom is reflected in how our toys are designed or chosen to maximise the potential of the child. Any toy that this shop carries would be what I would let my daughter play with too.

The toys also have to pass the approval of my husband who is a Developmental Psychologist and Associate Professor at a local university in Singapore.  Together we ensure that the toys have:

  1.  High Cognitive Value (Math/ Language / IQ )
  2.  High Sensorial Value ( Dexterity/ Touch Sensitivity ).

Products made under the Royal Rae brand are personally made by me from our base in Singapore. I do not compromise on the safety and quality of our toys. Every single toy is made as though it is meant for my daughter.

The main features of our handcrafted toys are:

•Design – safe and simple, to encourage the child to use his or her own imagination. (No batteries required!)

•Durability – sturdy enough to withstand years of hard play and then be passed on to the kids of the next generation.

•Craftsmanship – If the toy is wooden, then all edges and corners are rounded, and then hand sanded. For fabric toys, if it contains fillings, then all sides are triple sewn to ensure a secure fit.

Rainforest Hike

Last June (yeah… this is a post that has been long in coming), something that I have waited 5 years for finally happened. My children’s book entitled Rainforest Hike finally saw the light of the day! It finally got published! There were 2 launches. One in KL and followed by one is Singapore. The KL […]

Toxic Teas

At home, we are tea drinkers. We like our English Tea, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Lemongrass and even Tulsi. Last Monday, during a chat with the family doctor, she cautioned against taking all those 3 in 1 beverages. Too much added “liau”, she says. Hubby was crestfallen. He could be the posterboy for Boh’s Teh Tarik […]