Road Trip : Spore – KL – Ipoh- Penang – KL – Spore


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It’s been a while since we did a long road trip but we decided to do one this holiday for a change. The itinerary was 3 days KL, 4 days Penang and 3 days KL. I have to say, it was fun, except for needing  a leg massage by the time I returned back to KL.

As usual, I was the driver and hubby would be the Daddy Entertainment/Concierge. I enjoy driving, so I’d rather drive and I’m the type who would prefer to sit in the front, so it would be a total of 1422km of driving.

This time, we were rather more ambitious – we made a lunch date with a friend in Ampang, KL! Promised with Ampang Yong Tau Foo and home cooked korean  Jap Chae, we resolved to leave the house early.  Leaving the house seems to take forever, but since we started leaving Speedy, our 10 year old rabbit with the boarder’s the day before, we have managed to get our butts out faster. (We use to get someone to come in to feed her once a day, but since she became disabled, we have had to leave her with someone who can more or less see to her needs throughout the day).

So we targeted to leave by 7.30am (but realistically, we figured it might be closer to 8.30).

I woke up earlier to get breakfast on the road ready – sausages, boiled Brussels sprouts, carrot, corn.

We were out by 8.15am but was greeted by a snaking traffic jam at the Tuas Checkpoint. It took us 1 hour to clear both checkpoints by which we finished our breakfast in the car while I Google Mapped how to get to Ampang from the North South Highway.

Surprisingly the traffic was smooth and we reached KL by 12.30 noon. However, we missed a turn and it cost me a good 40 minutes to get to our lunch rendezvous.  But the delicious meal more than made up for it.


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We left KL a few days later, and this time, we timed it so that we would swing by Ipoh for lunch. Lunch would be at  Thean Chun coffee shop at Jalan Bijih Timah. This is an all time favourite of my family – we have to eat here whenever we are in Ipoh and during those days, my father would order a bowl of “Kai See Hor Fun” each , 30 sticks of pork/ intestine/ liver/ chicken satay (you could return what you couldn’t finish) from Kong Heng next door and the ultimate finishing dish would be the to-die-for egg caramel.


This time, I found out that Plan B, a uppity scale coffee place had sprouted 2 doors away… it looked lovely and I could certainly see how nice it would be to lay back on their soft cushioned seats while coolly sipping a latte with Shepard’s pie on the side but in this situation, having Plan B next to Thean Chun and Kong Heng, it would be sacrilegious to eat at  there.

My little connoisseur of good food gave a big thumbs up for Chicken Hor Fun. I am so glad to continue this tradition with her.  We were so full, that we had to do a takeaway for the egg caramel  – 15 yummilicious  egg caramel followed us to Penang to be distributed to awaiting fans.

When we reached Penang at 3.30, guess what we had for tea?! Lovely, lovely egg caramel….


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  1. Ipoh egg caramel… mmmmm, yummy

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