Road Trip Educational Games – I Spy

It was a 5 hour road trip.

Duties are as follows : I drive and Daddy entertains, except, the entertainer fell asleep 30 minutes into the journey, so all the back ups came up.

The I Spy Bag was really useful. She played a few rounds of I Spy with it by herself. I first asked her to look for all the objects in the bag according to the tag. And then, after that round, she did a spelling round… whichever object she found, she would try to sound it out.  So that had some input and interaction with me as I tried to let her spell it out as much as possible. So it was a good 1 hour of mostly self-entertainment while Daddy snoozed.  You can find descriptions of I Spy Bags here and I Spy Birdies by clicking on this page.  And here is a picture of an I Spy Birdie:

I Spy Bird - Blue

I Spy Birdie – Blue

She had so much fun with I Spy that she wanted to extend it to objects in the car and outside. But there was one rule for outside… it had to be constant… like you couldn’t use  “Bird” just because the bird was flying by because it wouldn’t be there when the other person “looked” for it. She caught on quite fast and soon we were I Spy-ing  “road”,  “Tree”,  “Car”, Cloud”, “Sky”, “River”, Cows” – (we were following a truck transporting cows!), “Tyres” and for some we modified it to “I Spy something that is a circle/ square/ rectangle. The time passed pretty fast and fun too!


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