Rainforest Hike is now available in NLB

I am pretty chuffed that finally my book, Rainforest Hike has made it to the shelves of the National Library! Somehow it’s quite a thrill to see one’s own book on the shelves of the library!

I really don’t know why but it was a gleeful moment to actually see all 35 copies listed on the NLB catalogue, spread across the island’s libraries. (Doing my little private jig now, minus the green costume)

Rainforest Hike


Now I shall make a trip to the library and bring B to the shelf that it is kept on and surprise her!

Closetful of Books who is the official distributor of the book tells me that the sales are doing alright too. I suspect it must be because there is a lack of books that feature our distinctly asian culture with our love for food and experiences that that uniquely South Asian.

Can’t wait.

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  1. Congrats Cecilia!

  2. Congrats Cecilia! Wow…I’ve never realised but am privileged that I have an author friend…haha…will definitely check out the books soon!

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