One should always return lost things

In an earlier post ( Becoming Fish Food), I recalled my very interesting experience on Pulau Manukan in Sabah.

That was not all of it… on that cloudy windy day, I was so vexed by the amount of rubbish in the waters and on the beach that I actually spent some time picking up plastic bags.

It was a real shame how the tourists were littering the beach and why oh why were the park rangers NOT doing anything about it??!! ¬†As far as I could see, the rangers’ job were to collect the entrance fee to the park and they seem to need 3 people to do that. One to count how many to sell, one to tear the ticket out from the booklet and another to do the actual money exchange?

The waters were not polluted and the sea had plenty of fish ( my 3 skin puncture marks by the crazy fish can attest to this), but it was just disgusting to swim/snorkel and see plastic bags, plastic bottles floating by.

The situation, to me, was intolerable. I could just imagine the poor turtles mistaking the plastic for jellyfish and dying from eating it.

Then I saw a father (with his young son), oh so conveniently leaving the plastic bag (which use to contain bread that he fed the fish to) in the water. He was wading back to the shore with the little boy. I could take it no longer. I swam towards him and picked up the plastic bag. Then I go right up to him, look at him straight in the eye (trying to focus my evil angry stare) and said to him in Cantonese ” I believe this belongs to you. You left it behind.”

He quietly took the bag from me, probably too dumbstruck to reply…

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