No need for a wardrobe

At 5 years old, I believe B is ready for some household chores. Our household are one of those rare few who is maidless, so needless to say, there are quire a number of chores to be done on a daily basis.

Last night, I asked B to keep her own folded clothes back into the wardrobe. She heard me and said “No”.

I said “Are you sure?”.

Again, “No”.

So I said, “Fine, since you are not keeping your clothes, I guess you won’t be needing the wardrobe anymore. I can just dump all your clothes into a bin and you can rummage through it whenever you need something.”

” I just hope you won’t be too embarrassed when you meet your friends in school wearing crumpled clothes.”

I proceeded to put the pile that I had just folded into the laundry basket (carefully of course, I didn’t want to fold it again).

B started to wail. It was a double whammy for her, she had misheard me. She had heard “rubbish bin” . ha ha ha

I then tried to take the pile of underwear in her hands. She held on them for dear life.

“I’m sorry! I’ll keep them”

“Ok, that’s good.”

And I gave her a hug (actually many hugs) and did my scared motherly duty of explaining of how each member of the family has to pull their own weight and responsibility if not the family would not function harmoniously. Confucius  would have been proud of me.

And as she was sniffing to put the clothes away… I said, ” You better dry your tears… if they drop onto your clothes, mold will grow on them.”

“So what happens?” she asks.

“Well, if you wear underwear with mold on them, the spores will transfer to your body, and you might find black or green things growing  on your body….”

Well….there’s no rule saying you can have some fun being someone’s mother!



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