My Love From Another Star – A silver lining in every haze

The one week school holidays just passed and let me tell you know I spent it (rubbing hands in glee)…

The phrase there is a silver lining in every cloud would apply to this one week of holiday…we had planned to drive up north to KL for a week’s break with my sister… (if you need ideas on how to entertain your kids during travel, please refer to my earlier blog:

As we were driving up the North-South Highway, it occurred to me that it might be madness to go a place where there was haze with a PSI of 80 to 100 and the possibility of water rationing. This fear was further compounded as we drove on the highway, passing by oil palm plantations smoking away at the fringes (which seemed to me that some people were taking the opportunity to clean up their land and blame it on peat fires… because the oil palm trees weren’t smoking away, only the undergrowth was) and for the first time, even the road dividers were catching fire from either the embers or errant smokers flicking their cigarette butts.

What good could possibly come out of this situation, you may ask? Well, haze means the outdoor activity was out. I didn’t really want to join the masses in the malls… so home in PJ is was and guess what? We had a great time.

The No. 1 attraction in PJ for B now (besides her Ah Yee) are 2 puppies, Blackie and Wong Choy whom she has declared herself to be their favourite person in the whole world*.  They are now 7 months old but they tower over her and have no sense of the strength of their limbs pawing on their favourite person when they get really excited.  We are still teaching B how to handle a dog who literally can put her paws on her shoulders. But despite the scratches and occasional tears from it, she still prefers to stay at home with them.



The dogs are kay poh …



but so is my daughter.



And she even played around with a photo app to embellish her pictures with Blackie. This is Tinklebell Fairy Blackie



While the dogs kept her busy, I caught up on some work – working on a new product offering – to be revealed soon! The cloth books had her so enthralled when she was younger that I wanted to come up with something that was as interactive, educational and entertaining as the Quiet Books and Counting Books had done for her. So for now, let’s just say that I am combining a cloth book and board game together.

And… I had a korean drama marathon! I watched 21 episodes of My Love From Another Star over the week till kim chi was oozing out of my ears!!! This was pure bliss for a TV addict who is deprived – yes, I am a deprived TV addict – I have many versions of a perfect day, but one of them would be to watch TV non stop till my brain is so addled and eyes so puffy  the only other thing to do is to sleep… yes, it is a rather self destructive streak, and that’s why I have not done that since my university days when we had movie marathons in the hostel where 4 movies would be screened throughout the night and there we  were in our pjs and pillows… pure bliss…

Anyway, the best thing about jamming your brain with korean drama while your child does her own thing but obviously the TV is on is that:

1. No need to censor any curse words (they are pretty polite and even if there were,  neither you nor your kid can’t understand it)

2. No sex scenes. I watched My Love From Another Star – it’s basically Hot ET aka Kim Hyun Soon meets Hot Chick aka Jun Ji-hyun with some intrigue and comedy romance thrown in. It turns out that  Korean ETs can’t go beyond kissing. A 3 second kiss results in major viral fever (earth germs), hence there are only 3 kissing scenes in 21 episodes. Very chaste.

kim soo hyun,  jun ji hyun, Cheon Soon Yi, Doo Min Joo

My Love From Another Star

3. Your kid gets to practice some speed reading skills. Reading subtitles take skill and speed. I bet Julia Gabriel can’t do better than this!


Now,  I hear that Kim Hyun Soon is coming to Singapore for a fan meet. Should I complete the whole experience?

kim-soo-hyun 4

Korean ET aka Kim Soo Hyun


* This came about because on our previous trip, Wong Choy was soooo excited when we arrived that he did his chicken dance and sprayed pee on the floor while boogeying. B  declared that he must have done that because his favourite person had arrived.


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