Mackeral Pasta for the Road

As I mentioned earlier, we drive up to KL a few times a year. Most times, we drive straight, door to door, stopping for just a toilet break. And usually, we time it after lunch so there is no need to stop for a meal.

However, the few times, we have had to drive during a meal time, I usually pack sausage sandwiches with a side of broccoli, french beans or carrots.

And sometimes, when the cook is in the mood… I make pasta on the go… I usually opt for either vegetarian, mackerel or tuna (from the tin) since canned food is more unlikely to go bad.

This is a recipe for mackerel pasta. Everything is pretty much chopped or mashed up because in a moving vehicle, it is best to have everything bite size ready…

You need:

Mackerel (Mash it up)


Chopped spinach


Chopped carrots


Chopped onions and a bit of garlic


Chopped black olives


Fry the onions, throw in the carrots, then the mackerel and olives.  Salt to taste

The spinach and pasta will go last.  This time I used the organic wheat pasta from Ikea. It had a really cute moose head which I thought might give B a cheap thrill!


Fry till everything is well mixed and cooked. It’s ready to go!

Bring it along in a food thermos… B walloped every morsel!







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