Kid Banz Sunglasses

Every kid needs a pair of sunnies but how do you get one that is good and also can “grow” along with the kid? I found Kid Banz Sunnies and  decided that it seemed pretty well designed and practical.

What I liked was that it had a side adjustable velcro band that you can adjust as the kid grows. It doesn’t fall off every when she is running around like a mad monkey and when she accidentally slides it off, it usually falls down, hanging around the neck.  Hence, much less chances of it falling off like a regular pair of sunnies.

Yes, I’ll admit, I am one of those mothers who can’t stand putting things that have fallen on the floor (outside) back on my kid… it has to thoroughly cleaned before it goes back on her.  Can’t imagine all the bacteria from saliva, animal poop and people poop (how it this possible, one may ask – well, when you go to the toilet, don’t the soles of you shoes go in with you, touching the dirtiest area of the toilet?!!)

So I bought it 2 years ago on our first trip to  Sabah. 2 years later, she is still using it! And in kid’s years, that is value for money!


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