June Holiday Activities: Meet Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other super heros : 8 & 22 June, 28 July, 9 Aug

Batman, Superman

Batman, Superman

I grew up on a steady diet of cartoons – those were the days when you could finish your homework in pretty much 20 minutes. So every afternoon, just before dinner time, I would have my fill of Superman, Spiderman, Batman and remember Lindsay Wagner as Wonder Woman?

So you can say, I am pretty much crestfallen that B doesn’t like all the super hero stuff. We had to literally cajole her to watch Iron Man. She watch 5 minutes of Superman and axed it. I haven’t figured out what it is. She says it’s scary but has no problems with Fast and Furious or some creepy crawly on National Geographic.

If my kid was into Superheroes, I would bring her for this! Superhero stamps and other superheros in the flesh.

” Batman, Superman, Don’t Forget to Wear Your Underpants!” 🙂

DC Comics Superheros

DC Comics Superheros

Singapore Philatelic Museum
DC Super Heroes Open House @ Singapore
Philatelic Museum

8 & 22 June, 28 July & 9 August 2014
9.30am – 7pm
Free admission

Come dressed as your favourite DC Comics Super Heroes character & get to meet other cosplayers at the event. Participate in activities such as Pose and Post (pose in Super Heroes costume and post your photo in the form of a postcard), and Make Your Own Super Heroes Stamps and Buttons.


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