Joke of the day : The thinking chair – How many times have you been on it?

Last Friday, B came back and recounted a conversation she had with her best friend, G.

G had asked her : “What does it feel like to be on the thinking chair?”

B was laughing and cackling as she told me..

“I have been on that chair like a hundred times!”

Then she added, but most of that was in Nursery 2. This year, nah.. not really.

As a mother, I feel strangely reassured that my child is pretty normal and then I remember the times my class had gotten into trouble with teachers during my secondary days. Once the the lot of us decided to lock the classroom door and hide under the tables when the teacher came. Or when we decided to sing the national anthem instead of the “Good Morning” and got hauled up to the Head Mistress.. or when me and my good friend P, decided to check if the Bunsen burner was capable of burning a hole through the science lab table within the time the teacher was talking (yes, it can and for the rest of that period, we were ¬†sentenced to be science lab ¬†door sentries).. yes, those are indeed such precious memories which we giggle and cackle every time we girls talk about it.

Childhood memories are made of these. Who remembers the monthly tests and mid year papers? Grades are important but having some mischief does spice things up! As a parent, I just hope that these will be those innocent misdemeanors we will look back and laugh.


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