How to Improve Your Child’s Creative Writing Skills – A white sheet of paper

Someone once said that having a child is like relieving your innocence. I fully agree.

I savour the moments of  simple pleasures and beauty of  seemingly mundane objects or moments that B shares with me.

It was on of those late afternoons when I had used a big white sheet of paper as a background for my photos. I was done with it and B said excitedly, ” Wow, such a big piece of paper! May I have it?”

Over the next 5 minutes, she had spread it out on the coffee table and got her markers ready.

“I’m going to draw a garden.”, I heard her telling herself.

A few minutes later, I spied a building and some plants sprouting along with it.




I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised… she lives in urban Singapore and in her context, a garden would have some buildings!



And then some signs started coming up… “Qark”..

“Qark?” I asked. “Your park has earthquake zones?”

“Oops! I meant to write Park. My park’s name is Good Park.”

She corrects it herself. 100 points of getting straight to the point. My park is good, therefore it is Good Park.



She still gets alphabets with “tails” mixed up… luckily she reads quite well, so I don’t think it’s indicative of any learning disability. Her teacher has also assured me that children, even when they know their letters, can still get them mixed up.  (Confession: For a while, I was a wee bit concern when she kept getting her “b” and “d” mixed up… so I am very happy that her school is always very accommodative to my periodic chats with them about her progress!! No, no, I am not “kiasu”… it’s just that if a child has a problem, it is always best to address it as early as possible)

Soon, 2 carparks appear, with the car park lots drawn in.  This kid might have a future in town planning, or maybe property developing!!!

“Are your people coming out soon?” I enquire… – so “kay poh” this mother..

“No. No people. This is an ant park.” she casually informs me. “Look, this is an ant trap. They go round and round and they can’t get anywhere.”



It’s amazing how knowledge comes out from a child. More than 1 year ago, I had bought a new fangled plate with circular legs that prevent ants from going up to the plate. The principle of the invention is that ants walk in a straight line. Anything circular, they just keep going and don’t know how to break out of that pattern.  It’s amazing how it is recycled out from the brain.

ant plate

Poor ants. What a life! They go to a park and they go in circles.




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