Frozen Swirling Snow Sled Made From Recycled Materials

It’s no surprise that B has inherited a particular gene from both sides of the family… HOARDING!!!

From my side of the family, it’s comes all the way from my grandfather’s time when I remember the stacks and stacks of Newsweek being kept like we were the archive of Newsweek and even as recently as 1 month ago, I found a neatly kept bundle of petrol receipts from as far back as 1984 kept by my father. My family certainly has a strange love affair with paper products.

Anyway, once in  a while, I declutter B’s work space by throwing out old stuff that I think has lost their fascination with her or outlived their usefulness… and of course, usually this is done when she is at school because if you ask her, everything must stay! So that morning I did some clearing and put everything into the recycling bag.

When she got home from school that day, she spied a peacock tail sticking out of the bag and said, “What’s that doing there?”.  She obviously recognised the paper peacock that she had assembled , so casually as I could, I said, “Oh… I was just clearing some stuff. Too many things on your table.”

I got the evil eye.

“What else did you throw?”

“Nothing much. It’s mostly “lap sap” (Cantonese for rubbish). You know, we can’t keep all your art and craft forever.  You have to choose some favourites and throw the rest.”

The Karang Guni Girl at work

The Karang Guni Girl at work

That’s last comment must have flown over her head because she proceeded to take down the bag and plonked herself down to go through it. I swear, there was a look of pure unadulterated glee on her as she emptied the whole recycling bag looking to things to retrieve.

When she found the space too tight to spread out all her pickings, Ms Karang Guni had no qualms making herself more comfortable.


As it turns out, Mr Elephant, Peacock, Chicken Bird (because I folded the origami wrongly, the crane  flaps like a chicken, hence the name) and Springy Horse are not ready to be trashed.   I, on the other hand, must remember to throw the recycling before the Hoarder comes home.

“Hey, this toilet roll is special  – it’s white”

B had found a white toilet roll core.

M : “What do you want it for?”

B: “It will be useful. Can I take it?”

Great, not only did she retrieve her art and craft, she has added to it.

M: “OK, you can only have it if you do something with it by this evening. If not, it will be thrown.”

And for a good 30 mins after dinner, she was really busy, cutting it up and I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with this:


A sleigh inspired by Frozen!

Sleigh inspired by Frozen

Sleigh inspired by Frozen






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