Free Holiday Outing – Art Trail at Orchard Central

There is an art trail in Orchard Central featuring art worth $9 million. So as you meander along shopping, you can infuse yourself and your kid with some high culture immersion, which should compensate for all that shopping exposure you are giving your kid (who might probably be begging you to go home or stop shopping – and to this you can say , “Sweetheart, this is not shopping, it’s an art trail that so happens to be in a mall…)

To banish all thoughts of guilt, in case you think this is some floozy art pieces put together by the mall marketiers… it’s curated by the Singapore National Arts Council… there you go… it’s all legit. The pieces were commissioned from artist from US, Denmark, Australia and Japan for the sites they now occupy.

Pick up a copy of the Art Trail Guide from the Concierge Desk to experience the way the artist wants you to.


art trail 1 art trail 2 arttrail 3

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