It’s official : I love the Trunki!

I first got the Trunki last year  for a trip to Hong Kong and boy do I love it! It’s proven its worth when getting B to push her own carry on in the airport.  The compartment was big enough to store all her clothes for the trip, so even it our check in bags didn’t arrive, someone would still have a change of clothes!



For short trips to Penang or KL, I usually don’t have any check in luggage, so having B carry some of the weight does take some pressure off my back – literally!



It never ceases to amaze me how B can’t wait to push the Trunki in the airport… from the moment we arrive at the departure hall. So far, it’s proven durable enough to withstand her 18kg of weight.

It fits perfectly into the planes’s overhead compartment and it’s “horns” make it easy to take out – that says alot coz I’m not too tall and I need to stand on the chair to get my own backpack out.

Such a clever design… now, hopefully it can take her weight as she continues to grow!

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