Creative Dominoes

There are occasions when Bea amazes me with her creativity.

She and Daddy were playing clock dominoes, where you need to match the time on the clock face. So after about 20 mins, I pop over to the living room to see what they were doing (afterall, it was quite quiet, which made me curious what was keeping them so engaged!)

It’s been a while since she has played it. In fact it was one of the first few games we played with her and where she got a first taste of losing! I don’t believe in letting a child win all the time. In most of the games she plays, we don’t give her any extra turns or pretend to do a wrong move. What we so is to simplify the rules to level the playing field but once the game is on, she has to play like anyone else. If not, how would she learn to play fair with other children? In the beginning, losing gracefully did not come naturally, there were tears, pouting and sulking but I believe this is a life skill that all of us need to learn. In some ways, it also serves to remind us as parents to practice ┬álosing gracefully like those times when you have been patiently waiting for that parking spot and someone just slots in their car just as you are about to. Those are the times I tell myself (after that initial bubble of anger at losing your spot!) – it’s just a car park space – only happens once in a blue moon and perhaps the person has an emergency errand, so forgive, forget and move on!

So board games are great for learning how to interact with other people and maintaining good polite behavior when you lose because when your other game partner is Ms I-Pad or Ms Android… when you lose, you can sulk and pout and your partner wouldn’t care but with another human being, the dynamics are entirely different.

So, I was really surprised to find that Daddy and her had come up with a new type of dominoes. This was laid out on the coffee table.

She so pleased with her dominoes dog!

She so pleased with her dominoes dog!

And when I checked, my, my… the times did match! ­čÖé

The clock faces match!

The clock faces match!



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