Cooking For Daddy’s Birthday

I’d like to think that I am teaching B the values that I want her to hold dear in life and sometimes the things that come back to me does provide some measure of proof that at least I am on the right track.

For her father’s last birthday, she came up with the idea that she wanted to cook his birthday dinner.  She had a choice of going out for dinner and cooking at home and she said, “I really want to cook a special dinner for Daddy. It’s going to be creamy tomato pasta.”

So my job was to get the recipe for “creamy tomato pasta” and Chef B would spring into action!

She is quite heat adverse – she was and is one of those babies who would sweat in an air conditioned room, so we would literally fan her down with both fan and a/c on! But this evening, she persevered in the kitchen – she took one of her white shorts and converted it into a chef’s top hat, giving herself a look worthy of a little chef. She has watched Ratatouille umpteen times, so she is highly familiar with a chef’s role.

As for the onions,  a secret weapon was whipped out. Here it is:

teaching kindness, empathy

The Anti Crying Secret Weapon

She tried her best. It was serious business for a while but half an onion later,  she said “It’s coming through the sides!!! I can’t take it anymore!” So the assistant chef took over.

perseverance, character buildling

some serious chopping going on here


She loved the fun part… cooking the sauce in the pan, despite the heat – it was fun.

Educational Activity 3

Super Girl in action



Educational Activity 4

Looking very pleased with her sauce… a lovely creamy orange

And finally, assembling the dish together, with the grilled portobello and  broccoli.


Creamy tomato bacon pasta with broccoli and grilled portobello

Creamy tomato bacon pasta with broccoli and grilled portobello

It was a great idea to cook the birthday dinner. The pride she felt when she presented the meal to the birthday boy was something worthy of a Michelin star.  What better way to teach a child that not everything needs to be bought and presented in a professional way? It was definitely a intimate and touching dinner.

Pride in work

Good Job!

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