Clay Craft on Holiday

Bring a young child on Holiday and you realise that there are certain stretches where you might need to keep them entertained in the room. Sometimes, it’s because you are travelling with grandma or grandma who might need 1 or 2 hours to rest. Or it could be you who might just need a break from frenzy of visiting one place after another ( which is not my idea of a holiday).

I am the lepak holiday maker type… holidays are meant to recharge your batteries, not wear them out! So usually, I like to have more than 1 night at each place and I would rather visit less places and enjoy a leisurely pace than to keep ticking off the places to visit list…

One of the most lepak holidays I had (pre-B, pre-husband) was a lovely 10 day DIY trip with a girlfriend to the Southern Greek Islands of Santorini and Mykonos where in between visiting the ruins, the days were just spent meandering the little cobbled streets, looking at shops, deciding what to eat for the day, looking for wines for breakfast (makes sense since wine is cheaper than bottled water!). Such wonderful memories.

Anyway, I digress. I usually pack some activities to keep B occupied on a holiday. One of them, which works well is some clay activity which works well if you are staying 2 days or more. It takes 24 hours to air dry… but the good thing is that the product of the activity keeps them occupied too!

1. Clay
– I have been using DAS Terracotta Clay – it’s in raw earth red colour which I personally prefer her to play with since it doesn’t have any artificial coloring. The hands do get red from handling the clay but it washes off immediately upon contact with water. You can get it at Popular or Art Friend. Don’t even try the Daiso air dry clay – even I find it hard to roll. You only need to bring about 1/5 of the packet. Keep it tightly sealed.

das clay

2. Some beans or beads
Very useful for making eyes, patterns, etc.


3. Satay stick or toothpick
Useful for making patterns or little holes. I usually cut off the sharp ends. For the satay stick, cut it into 2.


After that, just let their imagination run wild!

Keeps them occupied for a good 30-60 minutes!


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