Chidren’s Day I Spy Bottle Fun!

Educational game, I Spy Bottle

For children’s day at B’s kindergarten this year I decided to do an I Spy Bottle with the children. (Last year was the peanut bird! where the children pasted felt wings and eyes onto a peanut, it was pretty cute!)

I Spy Bottle, Reading, Spelling, Cognitive skills,

But I digress, the I Spy Bottle was a much bigger endevour. There were 40 children and they had 1 hour of free play time session where stalls were set up and they would play different games/ art and craft at different stalls. So I had to ensure that I would be able to handle 40 children, coming in at about 8 children per session to make the bottle.

I prepacked all the trinkets and pre wrote the labels because… it would be possible but take wayyyy too long for the children to write it all down themselves. Besides, it was suppose to be a fun day for the children… so I didn’t want to be hurrying them along.

I Spy trinkets, Game label, looking for objects, reading, spelling

After that, I started thinking what about the filling of the bottle? I wanted something that would be food grade safe for the children since they would be filling the bottle with it. Rice was a no brainer but in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, I decided to go with Ponni Rice which is parboiled rice – logically, parboiled would mean that most of the weevil eggs would have been cooked and they would take a while before making an appearance. However as insurance, I added a dried chilli in too as that it is suppose to deter the bugs.

On the day itself, I lugged 20 kg of rice, 40 bottles of food grade bottles to the school.

It was all worth it! The children had such a blast with the activity.  The look of pure concentration as they focused on putting the rice into the bottle told me just how much they enjoyed it. And they kept asking for more. Great! Nothing I love more than an activity that really gets the kids all involved.

Focused on scooping rice into the bottle


They were so thrill at looking for the trinkets and matching them with list of items on the label.

Over the weeks, parents were telling me how educational it was and even the older siblings were playing with it.

I am just happy that the kids liked it and seeing them play with it after school  in the car just made my day!

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