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June Holiday Activities: Get to know our own Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Asian Folktales and Fables : 7 & 8 June

One of my favourite genre of books when I was growing up was to read this series of “Favourite Folktales from…” and there would be Borneo, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Burma. The stories were short but they contained lessons on values and of course our asian equivalent of pixies, gnomes, magicians, princesses, villain kings, princes. It’s […]

June Holiday Activities: Bak Chang / Dumpling Wrapping workshop for kids : 1st June 2014

I have been meaning to let B trying wrapping a Bak Chang/ Dumpling but the thought of preparing all the ingredieant takes the wind out of me… chestnuts, meat, salted egg yoke and then I probably have to buy a whole stack of bamboo leaves for wrapping (soak them overnight…). It’s not easy to wrap […]

June Holiday Activities: Masak Masak: My Childhood at the National Museum of Singapore:

National Museum of Singapore Masak Masak: My Childhood 24 May 2014 – 3 August 2014 Free admission For children aged 3 to 7 years old Children’s Season at the National Museum of Singapore is back! Titled Masak Masak, the special exhibition centres around the theme of My Childhood and features familiar playgrounds and larger-than-life games […]

June Holiday Activities: Chinese Heritage Centre and a chance to sing Let It Go on a grassy rooftop..

I thought I haven’t heard of this place before but when I checked the address, I realised to my surprise that it is in my own backyard, so to say. It’s right in NTU ( 12 Nanyang Dr, Singapore 637721). I can’t really comment on the standard and expectations of the activities but I do know […]