20 cents more? No thanks!

A few days ago, I told Bea that her canteen noodle soup stall that she frequents also sells spaghetti and this is how it went:

M: Hey, you know that the noodle stall sells spaghetti?

B: Oh, really? I didn’t know.

M: Why don’t you try it the next time? It’s $1.20.

(Her current staple is either chicken rice or noodle soup)

B: Haa? 20 cents more?

in her exact words: “Why pay 20 cents more? Just eat the macaroni soup. only $1 and healthier.”

M: It’s okay if you want to eat it. ( at this point, I am not too sure – am I suppose to cheer her on ¬†with her thriftiness or give it some leeway???)

So we left the conversation hanging …

But secretly – yes, I am pleased that she is thinking that way… ha ha ha… better a saver than a spender. Although she is sweet enough to ask me this week what present I would like – and I said, a kiss will do – and she said – no… a real present. Then I figure it out – she is excited to go shopping at the school book shop but since she doesn’t really need anything, she will buy something for me.

She says, “How about stickers? Do you like stickers?”

“Yes, I like stickers. Cute ones please.” I reply.

I can’t wait to see my present!


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